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Triple J announced their ‘Next Crop’ artists this morning, and it’s a fantastic list that really highlights an aural smorgasbord of local talent. Here’s our picks for the standouts – all of whom are already crafting beautiful tunes.


1. Owl Eyes


2.Emma Louise


3. Husky


4. Alpine


5. The Medics


Honourable pop mention: Elizabeth Rose



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With a quarter of 2011 having blown by, it is time to pause for a moment and reflect on what is yet to come. While some predicted 2011 would spell the end of the electro-indie-rock-pop-female-popularity of the past eighteen months, that hasn’t stopped a stew of interesting slightly-left-of-centre female pop acts from waiting in the wings for their moment. Have a look below for some that might reach critical boiling point in the next 9 months. (And yes. This analogy is terrible. But it’s dinnertime on a Sunday – what did you honestly expect? The lyrical poise of Rebecca Black?)


Oh Land (Sun of a Gun)

With growing popularity in the US – including a Letterman appearance and 7 million Y’tube views – the Danish daughter-of-an-opera-singer combines a Scandinavian sense of rhythm and phrasing with fully fledged American production sounds. If Lykke Li ever appeared on the O.C it would probably sound something like this.


Clare Maguire (Ain’t Nobody)

In another lifetime, Clare Maguire’s vocal chords could have nicely belonged to a young Toni Childs or Annie Lennox -perhaps even a little Skunk Anansie if we really stretch our imaginations. Unfortunately, none of those artists sell records anymore, and herein lies the dilemma with Clare Maguire. Is there room in the marketplace for someone who could have easily been a hit in the mid 90s? The talent is there but she has yet to find her radio-slaying single.


Alpine (Village)

Having been teetering on the indie fringe for a while now, 2011 might be the year Melbourne band Alpine find themselves making the slow and steady trek towards wider recognition. Taking indie-pop cues from contemporaries such as Cloud Control or Little Red – and then swirling it with a little Cocteau Twins aloofness – there isn’t really much else quite like this at the moment coming from Australia.


Adalita (Hot Air)

The veteran of this group, Adalita is only now – almost two decades since starting as a recording artist – putting out her debut solo album. And what an album. Evoking a tense standoff between PJ Harvey and Chan Marshall, Adalita shows the others how it can be done. It’s not pop enough for the mainstream, and it won’t shatter any sales records – but don’t be surprised to see it, when the year comes to a close, on many a best-of list.


Birdy (Skinny Love – Bon Iver cover)

From the eldest to the youngest, 14-year-old Birdy brings the list to a close. We don’t know much about her, save for this stunning Bon Iver that is causing a few ripples in the UK. Listen and love it.



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