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Having already reflected on Triple J’s ‘Next Crop’ it is time to add the stamp o’ Daze, and look at the Dark Cafe Daze picks for the Aussie artists to watch in the coming year. Some we’ve mentioned previously; others we had the best of intentions to. Regardless, they’ve each made enough of an impression on our aural palate to rate a mention, a kudos and some loving vibes from afar.

1. CATCALL: With her latest release “Satellites” moving her from atmos-fearic pop to just plain pop of deliciousness, Catcall is Ladyhawke if she found some good mood pills and a cheeky wink.

2. ROSIE CATALANO: At first glance, Rosie Catalano might seem your typical, gently strumming folky – yet one listen to her self titled EP reveals an artist not shy of clever turns of phrase and occasionally wry flashes of humour. Combine that with an affecting voice and some lovely melodies, and you’ve got yourself a new afternoon favourite.

3. KIRA PIRU AND THE BRUISE: I’ll be careful when choosing my words to describe Kira Puru – you definitely wouldn’t want to meet her voice in a dark alley. Bold, brassy and seductive, she has one of those firecracker voices that’d hurt you a little just so it could take you home and wrap you up.

4. THE PAPER KITES: Favourites around these parts for a while, 2012 is surely the year this kite (…wait for it) takes flight. They’re better than Boy & Bear, put it that way.

5. NGAIIRE: Much like the gay marriage debate, the plight of Ngaiire can be summed up in two words: it’s time.

(If you like what you hear, all of the lovely chaps above are on Facebook, so do as we do and stalk them silently…) 


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Everyone has that list of artists they are desperate to finally hear an album from – and at the top of that list for me is Ngaiire. Having worked with Paul Mac and sung with Blue King Brown, it is surely nearly the time for Ngaiire to take her rightful place as one of Australia’s finest soul vocalists.

The low quality, low light recording below shows her voice in full flight – every time I hear it I am grateful for the talent in this country.

Ngaiire: it’s time.


Do yourself a favour and check her out if she is ever in a town near you. Triple J have also been playing her track ‘Two Minds’ – hear it at her M’space: http://www.myspace.com/ngaiirex



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